An Interview with Bec Robertson

We recently chatted to Bec Robertson, owner of The HeadSpace and Bass Movement about all things plant-based eating. Bec’s mission is to inspire people to practice yoga, through empowering bass music and motivational/educational content. Her practises are filmed in some of the most picturesque parts of New Zealand South Island. 

Check our the interview below. You can also find her site here.


Why do you think plant based eating is so important? 

Bec: I believe that any lifestyle encouraging us to be more connected to nature is beneficial. The closer we are to nature and the natural state, the less load we are asking our body to carry for us in terms of detoxing and processing chemicals and additives. There are obvious health benefits to eating more nutrients from plants, as these are necessary for our cells to function optimally. 


What do you think is something to look out for when choosing a plant based milk? 

Bec: I look for no additives, no fillers, no emulsifiers, no salt and definitely no other added oils such as vegetable oils. I also look for raw products to ensure that the oils are stable and haven’t been heated. I only use plant based mylks from glass jars as I don’t like to create unnecessary packaging to be disposed of. We re-use all the VVMYLK jars for smoothies, storage etc. So nothing gets wasted or contributes to landfill!


Can you tell us a bit about the importance of plant based sources of fats ie from nuts and seeds?

 Bec: Good fats are satisfying and help us feel full. This means we are less likely to consume empty calories in the form of processed foods and junk food. Good fats are also important for heart and brain health. They help our blood sugar stabilize and avoid the ups and downs of mood swings caused by blood sugar fluctuations. Obviously stick with raw, unsalted, unprocessed nuts and seeds. Don’t consume the highly salted, roasted versions that are not good for our health!



What is your favs vv product ? 

Bec: That’s an easy one! Cashew mylk in the 1L jar!!! We use it in everything from icecream to smoothies to cakes and curry sauces.