About VV Mylk

If you want to try something new, innovative, tasty and great for your health and the environment, VV Mylk is here to change your mylk-drinking habits for the better.

Here at VV Mylk we use a special and ancient method of stone grinding which preserves both flavour and nutrients for maximised quality and health benefits.

Our ever-growing range of 100% nut and seed mylk concentrates can be used as a substitute for all other milks – In baking, coffee, cooking and even drinking straight or in your cereal in the morning.

Whichever flavour you choose, just grab a tablespoon of it and add 250ml or more of water; pulse in a BLENDer, SHAKE in a jar or FOAM with a steam wand and you’re done!

If not using a blender or steamer, we recommend dissolving the mylk in about 50ml warm/hot water before adding the cold water for easy mixing.

zero waste! – Reuse, Recycle, or Return our packaging
No additives, preservatives, or artificial colours, just nuts & seeds!
1 Year shelf life! No fridge space needed

100% New Zealand owned and operated.
Produced and distributed from our facility in Rotorua.
Established in 2014 
Inventors / founders of The Mylk Concentrate concept worldwide.