About VV Mylk

It is time to transform your mylk-drinking habits for the better!

Established in 2014, VV Mylk grew from a deep regard for the welfare of humans, animals and the planet. 

Produced in Rotorua, New Zealand, VV Mylk is infused with innovation, passion and creativity. 

Our mylk concentrate concept is a world-first; originating here at VV Mylk. 

These products are not only convenient and delicious to drink, but also contribute to personal and environmental well-being. 

Founder and owner, Hayden Booker, has long-known the benefits of whole-food nutrition for human health. 

With a Bachelor in Human Nutrition and Sports Science from Massey University, he has worked within the holistic nutrition industry for more than 10 years. 

You never know what’s next within the ever-growing VV Mylk product range, as Hayden’s creative and ingenuitive mind never rests! 

When he isn’t immersed within his VV Mylk business, you will find Hayden in his vegetable garden; or on the football field – a sport that has been a serious passion since the age of 5.

Something that makes VV Mylk particularly unique is the method in which the nuts and seeds are transformed into a concentrate. 

We utilise an ancient method of stone-grinding which ensures that the flavour and nutrients possessed by the nuts and seeds is of the highest quality, yielding maximum health benefits.

Our 100% raw nut and seed mylk concentrates are super versatile and can be used as a substitute for all other milks. Our products contain no additives, preservatives, or artificial colours, just nuts & seeds! They have a one-year shelf life, so you can stock up your pantry and have mylk on hand any time – no fridge space necessary. 

Choosing a flavour may prove difficult, but that’s the hardest part! Simply take one tablespoon of mylk concentrate, and add 250ml or more of water; BLEND, SHAKE in a jar, or FOAM with a steam wand, and you’re done! If not using a blender or steamer, we recommend dissolving the mylk in about 50ml warm/hot water before adding cold water for easier mixing.

Try our VV Mylk in coffee, smoothies, and in cooking or baking. You can even eat it straight off the spoon; and it’s a nutritious addition to your cereal or oats in the morning.

VV Mylk is a ZERO WASTE product! Please show respect for our environment by reusing, recycling, or returning our packaging.

Our vision is to see humankind move away from the consumption of dairy; for New Zealand farmers to embrace the cultivation of nut and seed crops; and to see our ecosystem thriving, as it should, for the well-being of future generations.

We want to have VV Mylk in every household in Australasia, please join us on this mission by enjoying our mylk concentrates today, and every day!