Not just a mylk concentrate! You can use VV Mylk in so many ways:

The original: Mix in a blender, 1tbsp (15ml) of concentrate to 1 cup (250ml) of water to turn in to healthy, delicious pure nut and seeds Mylks. No waste, no nasties! Bottle up and keep in the fridge for up a week until you need it.

The new school: Shake up in a smoothie bottle or a sealed jar. Same recipe as above. Shake hard – until the mylk is light and creamy

Straight up steam: Add a tbsp in to a metal jug with a cup of water and steam straight on the steam wand in to foamy, creamy, mylky goodness and add straight to your coffee. Try it and be amazed how well this wonder product foams!

Smooth-me: Spoon in to your smoothie some water in place of a nut mylk/nut butter base.

Cook with me: From curries to casseroles, dips to dressings – you’ll be amazed how many uses there are for our creamy nut mylk concentrates

Bake with me: Cakes, cookies, waffles, pastries – the list goes on and on.

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