What started out as an alternative to peanut butter has evolved into a unique market offering of 100% nut and seed milk concentrate products.  Hayden Booker started his Vigor & Vitality business seven years ago in Rotorua and it’s changing milk-drinking habits for the better with stockists now all-over New Zealand including major supermarket retailers.  Using an ancient method of stone grinding the end product is something special preserving the flavour and nutrients for maximised quality and health benefits.  These nut and seed concentrates can be used as a substitute for all other milks and can be used on their own, over breakfast cereal, in baking, coffee and cooking.

Hayden was introduced to Qoin recently via his Agent who already knew the family, and he is excited about what Qoin can do and the benefits it can bring to his business.  He already had a good knowledge of digital currencies and felt Qoin was a good fit for VV Mylk.

“I can really see the potential in Qoin and how unique it is which is why I’m determined to make it work for me and my business.  I’m looking forward to getting set up as a Merchant so I can start to take Qoin and make payments using it!”

“People are becoming more financially savvy and health conscious so I have no doubt that being a part of the Qoin community will bring a whole new customer base and create even more interest for VV Mylk.  I am excited to be part of something in its infancy here in New Zealand, to be able to watch it grow and succeed, and I have already recommended other local businesses to get involved.”

Thanks you Qoin for featuring us on your website with this article!