Our Story

Welcome to Vigour and Vitality! Here at v&v we are changing the world one bottle of mylk at a time :D

We create a large variety of natural, stone-ground nut and seed mylk concentrates. Just add a tablespoon of mylk to 250mls of water and shake, blend or foam with a steam wand... and voila! You have delicious and creamy mylk that nourishes your body.

We care about being eco-friendly and kind to the environment! We offer a $5 return system for clean bulk jars for cafes and individuals who care about the planet just like we do.

Our Logo:

At the center of this logo there is a "V" shape, that actually contains two "V"s and an "A", to make up an abbreviation of Vigour and Vitality. Coming outwards, this logo has a rustic circular center, reminiscent of the middle of a sunflower, and is then surrounded by mandala-style petals. This is inspired by not only one of our most popular flavours of Mylk; Sunflower, but also to represent being whole in ourselves, our brand and the universe. One of our main brand values is to be authentic and peaceful towards our world and all who inhabit it. This logo has been finished with a beautiful golden colour that represents the highest quality of ingredients in our mylk, collected from around the world and stone ground right here in New Zealand. We feel this signature mark expresses who we are and what we stand for. 

Our team:

We are like-minded people who strive to make the world a better place. We create products that inspire a change in the way that we do things that better ourselves, our environment and save animals, all at once! We believe that in life, there is no greater purpose than that of benefiting others and the planet.

Our Founder (CEO) & Nutritionist - Hayden Booker, trained at Massey university and gained a Bachelor of Nutrition and Sports Science. He practiced holistic nutrition in Chicago in - more how nutrition should be applied. He also holds a Diploma of Environmental Studies which has been beneficial in understanding the effects businesses and being a consumer has on the planet.

Hayden feels strongly about the dairy industry, the state of eating in society and the environmental, health and psychological effects of consuming animal products. As a nutritionist Hayden believes some of the most unhealthy foods are processed dairy and sugar.

By creating this line of whole, no added sugar and stone-ground mylk concentrate, he is pioneering a new generation of food and drink that nourish and revitalize the body.