Oat Mylk Powder – Unsweetened

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500g makes 5L or more of Oat Mylk
5kg makes 50L or more of Oat Mylk
20kg makes 200L or more of Oat Mylk

2 Year shelf life – no refrigeration needed

This eco-friendly mylk powder is made with 100% oats with no nasty flavors or preservatives and will fill your body with the essential nutrients it needs so you can live your best everyday.

Just add 1.5 tablespoons Oat Mylk Powder to 250ml of water and BLEND, SHAKE in a jar or FOAM with a steam wand! Combines very easily!

For more ideas and recipes, check out our Recipes page.

Origin: Australia

Additional information

Weight300 g

500g – Makes 5L+, 1kg – Makes 10L+, 5kg – Makes 50L+, 20kg – Makes 200L+

6 reviews for Oat Mylk Powder – Unsweetened

  1. Art Green

    Hugely impressed with this product. I’ve used a lot of different oat milks and I can honestly say that this powder mixes up to taste just as good as a liquid oat milk and I was actually blown away that it froths up incredibly well for using in coffee 👌

  2. Megan Gillming (verified owner)

    So easy and so tasty but with no waste. I blend what I need for the week and store it in a jar in the fridge. Tastes just as great as any of the stuff from plastic bottles or Tetra Pak.

    Great in an English breakfast tea ( even a few of my English mates don’t mind it)

  3. Eve

    Living on a boat with no blender to make our own mylks, and wanting to reduce waste and costs of buying cartons. This product is what I’ve been looking for. Trial proved it was creamy and easily shakes up in a jar. Thank you.

  4. Gav

    I found it to be very dry in my mouth, but a friend said add water doofus, it made my life that much smoother…. jokes, with love to all xx

  5. Sasha d’Entremont (verified owner)

    Also preparing to set sail and live on a boat for a while, so thought I’d try this out as it’ll be a lot lighter than pre-made oat milk. We are sold! This product is great, thank you!

  6. Leanne Le sueur

    I absolutely love this product! It’s perfect for my gym smoothies and in general tastes amazing with cereal etc

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