Sesame Seeds - White (hulled) - 20kg

Sesame Seeds - White (hulled) - 20kg

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Variety: Sesamum indicum L.

Certified Organic

Origin: India

Sesame seeds are one of the oldest condiments known to mankind; it is originated from the plant Sesamum Indicum L. suitable for human consumption The husk/hull (skin) of these seeds are removed hence are called as Hulled Sesame Seeds.

Our Hulled Sesame Seeds, is processed from selected Natural Sesame Seeds of GUJARAT Origin (considered to be the best among all sesame verities worldwide) going through several processing stages. For hulling purpose, we select premium grade natural sesame seed and clean it to 99.99% purity. Thus we get Bold, Uniform and Aromatic Hulled Sesame with highest purity and natural freshness.

Nutrition Information

Average Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 2530
Protein (g) 22.7
Fat, total (g) 55.6
- saturated (g) 6.8
Carbohydrate (g) 0.9
- sugars (g) 0.6
Calcium (mg) 975
Sodium (mg) 24